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Our Courses

Website Design Masterclass (WordPress)

Learn How to Build Websites Using WordPress, the most popular CMS

A complete behind-the-scenes training on how to build with WordPress. Covers everything, including themes, plugins and page builders, web hosting, and WordPress design best practices.

Website Design Masterclass (Coding)

Learn How to Build Professional Websites from Scratch​

A complete behind-the-scenes training on how to earn a living using HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap and Javascript to design beautiful, fully functional websites.

Digital Marketing Masterclass

Become an Expert Digital Marketer
In-depth hands-on training on the art and craft of online marketing. Learn search engine optimization, email, social media and content marketing.

Graphics Design Masterclass

Learn How to Create Stunning Web Graphics
Practical exercise-oriented training to turn you into an expert web graphics designer. Learn how to create stunning creative designs for websites, social media, and web apps.

Wondering why you should train with us?

Here are 5 solid reasons:

1. We are experts

We deeply understand all the courses we offer and we are already providing value to a lot of clients. You will be learning from experts in the field.

2. You will get massive value

We will provide you with a lot of free resources and guides to help you succeed in the real world. Learning a skill is one thing. Learning how to make money with that skill is another thing and we show you exactly how you can do this.

3. You will interact with expert tutors

This is not an online training where you are left to figure things out on your own. No. You can ask questions and get clarification right there in the class.

4. We are very thorough

This is not one of those training centres where there is no structure. We have a well-planned timetable that we follow and deliver all our classes as promised. You will do exercises every week to help you cement your knowledge. The question is whether you are ready to learn.

5. You will work on a major project

At the end of your training, you would have completed one major project that you will be proud of. Whether you are learning website development, digital marketing or graphic design, you will complete a project that will make you confident about your skills. The project is thoroughly supervised so that you can sharpen and improve your skills.

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