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Hi, I’m Chidinma. My team and I run Netacles Digital (pronounced neh-tackles), a website design service that helps creative professionals and business owners like you get the visibility they need online.

Which of these sound like you?

Yep, it’s quiz time 😉. Choose a card that best describes your current profile.

The Invincible

Your work is starting to gain the recognition you’ve been waiting for, and those big deals are knocking on your doors. But you don’t have a befitting online presence or portfolio.

When people search for you online, all they can find are links to external websites that talk about your work, and some of those even disappear after a while.

You want to build a portfolio that really shows you off as a professional. You want a website where you can showcase your work in a way that reflects your taste and brand, and helps you manage inquiries, bookings, partnerships, and supports your other creative projects and work in a super streamlined way.

This sounds like me 😔
The Overwhelmed
Service Provider

You run a service-based business and are one of the best in your industry. When it comes to your core business activities, you know your onions. But your disjointed marketing, sales and customer service processes are holding your business back.

You’re still scheduling consultations manually, forgetting to follow up on inquiries, and panicking each time you get an inquiry because you don’t have a streamlined process of handling them, so you always feel unprepared. And because of your disjointed processes, people are always picking your brain for free and taking up lots of your time.

You have a lot of ideas about what you could do online with the knowledge and expertise you have, from email marketing to online courses, but you don’t know how to implement the technology to support those ideas and make life easier for you.

This sounds like me 😔
The Stressed-Out

Your retail business is booming and product orders are dropping every day. But there’s one problem. It’s getting really difficult to manage sales via social media. Customers are sending DMs and you have to manually fulfill/respond to every order.

You know that having a website can help you manage these sales better, especially if you offer incentives to get customers to shop online—you’ve seen other retailers do it. But you’re not sure where to start.

You don’t want a website that will create more problems than it solves and you want a solution that is not so complex that it will reduce your sales or chase away your customers.

This sounds like me 😔
If any of the above persons sound like you, then you've come to the right place.

We've got you.

We’re website experts, with experience building bespoke personal/portfolio websites, business websites, and online magazines.

We build websites that are completely tailored to your needs and help you achieve your most important goal online—whether it’s creating an impressive online portfolio, attracting clients or customers for your creative business, or building a formidable personal brand.

We'll connect all the tech tools you need to get stuff done. Want an email newsletter? Check? Booking/appointment system? Check. Need an event calendar? Check. Blog/news/updates? Chec—you get the picture.

Your website will load fast, look great on any device and show up in search engine results when people search for your name, services, or products you offer.

Plus, we’ll always be on standby to provide technical support and answers to your questions whenever you need them.

"I started working with Chidinma and Netacles after my personal website crashed and my former site designer failed to bring it back. Not only did Chidinma restore it, she also gave me options to safeguard it. So when I needed a website for Open Country Mag, I naturally asked her to build it, and when our team had a redesign, she delivered what we needed---down to the details."
Otosirieze Obi-Young
Founder, Open Country Mag

Our services

Here's how we can help you today

Need a strong visual identity for your personal brand, business, or creative projects? We create cohesive and memorable designs that help you stand out. We’ll take care of your logo, business cards, social media templates, and more. Our complete branding package includes custom color palettes, logo selection, pattern/texture design, style guidelines, and more.

Website Design

Need a new website built from scratch or want to redesign an existing one? We're game. We’ll make sure that your website can be found when people search for the relevant keywords and it has all the features that matter to you. The process starts with a Discovery Call to help us understand your needs and how we can help you.

Technical Support

Having challenges setting up a software or integrating it into your website? No worries. We can help you set up your business email accounts, email marketing software, appointment scheduling and booking tools, etc. and connect them to your website or existing services. Plus, we’ll record a video to show you how to use the tool we’ve set up.

Website Maintenance and Support

This is delivered for free to all our website design clients in the first year and is renewed annually. Our support and maintenance package covers website updates, backups and uptime monitoring (this means we’ll keep our eyes glued to your site to make sure nothing goes amiss).

Good to know

Your first call with us is called a Discovery Call and it’s on the house 😃. It’s free for the first 30 minutes. For subsequent calls, you’ll need to book a Clarity Call.

Existing clients can book a Customer Support Clarity Call for free once every quarter and get unlimited support via email. And no, we don’t mean unhelpful template-based responses. We read all our support emails and provide clear, tailored responses that actually resolve your issue.

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Why should you work with us?

You want a completely custom site, with features that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

You want to make changes to your website quickly and flexibly.

You want experts to handle your website and make sure it’s secure and stays online all the time.

You want to make complex integrations or connections to your website.

You want to understand the marketing options available to you as a creative professional or business owner, and you need a team to help you through the strategy and implementation.

You want a reliable IT team that can give you sound advice regarding the best tools to support various aspects of your creative work or business.

If your creative work, project or business is starting to take shape, and you need sustained online visibility plus the right technology to support that growth, then you should be talking to us.

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